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About Us

Machulas Journey is a new company for those seeking adventure. We are a 100% Peruvian, Cuscquenian company that specializes in adventure, cultural journeys offering day and overnight tours based in Cusco – Peru. Our principal goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients, and we guarantee excellent service to each costumer.

All of us are from different villages, and we grew up in various communities in the Cusco region. The inspiration to found Machulas Journey was driven by a number of factors. The founder, Mister Machulas, started as a local porter on the Inca trail to help him earn money to fund his education.

Once he finished university with a degree in tourism, he worked in some travel agencies as an assistant tour guide and then as the primary guide for 7 years. Mister Machulas love of sharing his knowledge about his culture and the region inspired him to open his own travel company. We focus on creating interesting and unique tours with experiences that connect you to the local people and landscape. some of these tours involve visits to community markets, weaving lessons from local people.

What does Machulas mean?

Machulas is a Quechua word that mean old. For example, Machu Picchu means old mountain. In this case, Machulas refers to Ancient Elders. We chose this name because Cusco is a Quechua region, and Quechua is our mother language. We feel it is our responsibility to take care of our culture, and, as a company, we want to demonstrate that Machulas Journey is involved in ancient culture, the Andean community, and sustainable tourism activities around the Cusco region. Preserving and sharing our customs is our goal.

Our Vision

Your memorable experience during your holidays touring with Machulas Journey is our mission. Quality outstanding personalized service and tours, outdoor camp trips or cultural activities – excursions at a affordable rates. We are very focused in increasing the quality of your experience and your expectation. We aim to place ourselves as the Peruvian tourism company with the greatest presence in the national and international market, with a people-first ethic focused on customer satisfaction and the promotion of oganic journeys.

Our Mision

We offer quality and personalized tours, no matter the type. Those who choose to take a train to Machu Picchu are treated with the same dedication as those who spend days hiking through the mountains. We are recognized as the leading tour agency and operator in the Cusco region and all Peru. We are committed to the following principles: Minimizing our environmental impact, supporting local communities, and promoting responsible travel practices amongst our clients. Machulas Journey is committed to operating responsibly and sustainably.

Our Ambitions

Our main goals is to build an entirely sustainable company that provides top-quality service to visitors, while at the same time, develop methods to provide children and families in the Cusco region with opportunities for education and support. Our ambitions is discover with our clients the intire Peru – atractions why not other countries in suthamerica, created new routes can suply the classic trails to machupicchu will be other ambitions that regulate the overload of our attractions. Help us build an organic trip, you build it with the tools that we will provide you.

People Power

Short Inca trail to Machu Picchu 2 Days 1 Night



Is Machulas journey owner, he is the manager of all team. and also experience tour guide with a degree in tourism still guiding in this company. He is very local person comes from Huayllabamba village – classic inca trail. His nickname is chiuchicha.

Short Inca trail to Machu Picchu 2 Days 1 Night



Is the David’s wife who in charge of office management, she also studied tourism tour guide, she specialized in all organizations of the office. she is always lovely and is funny and very patient, with every one. His nickname is lluvia.

Short Inca trail to Machu Picchu 2 Days 1 Night



He is our professional and best cook in all trekking Adventures, he comes from Ocongate community, he is very passionate cooking guy and specialize in diferent types of dishes. His nickname is cheqcito.

Short Inca trail to Machu Picchu 2 Days 1 Night



Our professional tour guide with a degrees in tourism, he is knowledgeable, friendly, funniest guy, he loves to play the andean flute, his passion make it happy everyone whom travel with machulas journey. His nickname is lety.

We are a certified agency

Municipal License

We have the operation license granted by the Provincial Municipality of Cusco to Tourism Agencies.

Inca Trail operator's license Inca Trail

Certificate of payment of Taxes

This certificate is granted only to legal agencies that pay their taxes.

Ministry of Tourism of Tourism

We have all the permits to develop the activity, granted to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

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