What does Machulas mean?

Machulas is a Quechua word that mean old. For example, Machu Picchu means old mountain. In this case, Machulas refers to Ancient Elders. We chose this name because Cusco is a Quechua region, and Quechua is our mother language. We feel it is our responsibility to take care of our culture, and, as a company, we want to demonstrate that Machulas Journey is involved in ancient culture, the Andean community, and sustainable tourism activities around the Cusco region. Preserving and sharing our customs is our goal.

About Us

A work of art is above all an adventure of mind!

Machulas Journey is a new company for those seeking adventure. We are a 100% Peruvian, Cuscquenian company that specializes in adventure, cultural journeys offering day and overnight tours based in Cusco - Peru. Our principal goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients, and we guarantee excellent service to each costumer.

All of us are from different villages, and we grew up in various communities in the Cusco region. The inspiration to found Machulas Journey was driven by a number of factors. The founder, Mister Machulas, started as a local porter on the Inca trail to help him earn money to fund his education.

Once he finished university with a degree in tourism, he worked in some travel agencies as an assistant tour guide and then as the primary guide for 7 years. Mister Machulas love of sharing his knowledge about his culture and the region inspired him to open his own travel company.

We focus on creating interesting and unique tours with experiences that connect you to the local people and landscape. some of these tours involve visits to community markets, weaving lessons from local people.


“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”


Our guides are the secret weapon behind our success.



Is Machulas journey owner, he is the manager of all team. and also experience tour guide with a degree in tourism still guiding in this company. He is very local person comes from Huayllabamba village - clasic inca trail. His nickname is chiuchicha.



Is the David's brother who in charge of office management, he also studied tourism tour guide, he specialized in all organizations of the office. he is always smiling and is funny and very patient, with every one. His nickname is liujhan.



He is our professional and best cook in all trekking Adventures, he comes from Ocongate community, he is very passionate cooking guy and specialize in diferent types of dishes. His nickname is cheqcito.



Our professional tour guide with a degrees in tourism, he is knowledgeable, friendly, funniest guy, he loves to play the andean flute, his passion make it happy everyone whom travel with machulas journey. His nickname is lety.


Your memorable experience during your holidays touring with Machulas Journey is our mission.

Quality outstanding personalized service and tours, local tours homestay or camp trips at a affordable rates.

Leader Tour Company and Operator in Cusco Region contributes greatly to the development of the Tourism Sector.

We are very focused in increasing the quality of your experience and your expectation.

To continue offering a service of quality, that it does not have to be necessarily expensive, with a great human trained group and using a high standard and comfortable camping equipment.

To create in our visitors and in ourselves respect and admiration towards the legacy of the Inca Culture their Philosophy, their respect and love to nature and reciprocity motivating the interest to learn more about the Andean and Pre Inca cultures and this would help and repel in their lives.


What does Machulas mean?

The question is: Why should you choose Machulas Journey? Many people in the region felt like Mister Machulas did when they were growing up-lacking sufficient money for their education.

But, with your help, Machulas journey can help the people living in the high Andes, especially the children who don’t have the chance to go to school, not even for their profession.

Machulas Journey is doing a big social project to help these amazing Andean people, especially the children. The money you leave to Machulas will help someone in the region.

All of the porters working for Machulas Journey are fathers of Andean children. One more reason to choose Machulas Journey then is to provide a job for them.

All the staff that works for machulas journey are professionals with fluent English spoken and correct writing. All of us we studied our profession at university, and we are ready to help you with any question or request. We respond to all suggestions, and we will provide you with personalized services for the experience of a lifetime.

Our clients tell us that one of the biggest challenges they face while booking in Peru is getting an internet response to initial inquiries. Many companies are not internet savvy and cannot answer requests promptly and clearly. Our reservation and sales staff are all well-trained to understand the requirements and concerns of our clients and how to communicate with you in a clear manner.

We are conveniently open Monday through Saturday. You can expect a prompt response from us through email, online chat or by telephone during our hours of operation. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. When you travel with us, you gain access to people and places.

You’re enriched by the knowledge of our experts and guides, and by local experts we meet along the way. And you give back. Simply by taking a trip with machulas journey, you support the work of our local communities. That is the machulas jurney Difference. We offer delicious, organic, nutritious buffet food services prepared by a professional masterchef.

We treat our team of workers the best (porters), with proper equipment, wages and health insurance for everyone.We have our own camping site for the first night in the classic and famous Inca trail, where you will be very comfortable.

We provide a house for our team of porters on the Inca trail for the first night at the same site as our campsite. Other companies don’t provide housing for their porters on the Inca trail.

Our next project is to establish another porter house in the sacred valley of the Incas We offer the best equipment as sleeping tents, dining tents, portable toilet tents, tables and chairs, etc.

The most important thing here is that you will return home with a lifetime of incredible memories from your wonderful trip, we promise you.

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