$600 USD/ $700 USD

standard service price

$600 per person.

Groups of 3-4 $575 per person.

Groups of 5-6 or more $535 per person.

private service price

$700 per person.

Groups of 3-4 $665 per person.

Groups of 5-6 or more $615 per person.



Choquequiraw means (cradle of the gold), regarded by many as the original lost city of the Incas, Choquequiraw was the firth fabled set of ruins to be uncovered. People had been aware of its existence from at least the 18th century but it was rarely visited and despite several acclaimed “rediscoveries” over the years, it wasn’t until Hiram Bingham arrived here in 1909 that it really came to people’s attention.

For Bingham it was the discovery that fired his passion to uncover Machu Picchu and esperitu pampa. Set in remote part of wilderness, on a ridge spur around (1750m/5740ft) above the Apurímac River and surrounded by sheer, snowcapped peak, it’s an awe inspiring destination that requires a degree of effort to reach.

Choquequiraw is a pretty good substitute for machu picchu; the main features of both are similar in many respects. The most important is arrive and enjoy this mysterious Inca citadel, if you want to do this one, don’t think any more and join us. Machulas Journey, is ready for organize your trip, this option is totally different than famous Inca trail.


We pick you up at your hotel and take you by minivan from Cusco to Capuliyoc. From here we will start our hike and gradually descend for two hours until we get to our lunch spot at Cocamasana. On the way down you will appreciate the spectacular snowcapped mountains of Pedrayoc and Qoriwayrachina. Once arrived at the lunch spot our master chef will wait for us with a delicious organic buffet lunch. Afterward we will continue hiking down for 1:30 hours until we reach our campsite at Playa Rosalina. this place is just located only (1000m/3280ft), above sea level, it is warm and perfect location to enjoy the night
We wake you up early in the morning with a cup of hot coca tea. Then you will have half an hour to organize your personal belongings and have a healthy energetic breakfast. After breakfast we will start hiking. Just next to our campsite there is a river called Apurímac, which is one of the tributaries of the amazon. We have to cross it and start climbing up for 4 hours until we get to the village of Maranpata, where we will have our second organic buffet lunch. This is a beautiful spot from where we have glamorous views in different directions. Sometimes you can even see condors flying above us. From now on we will follow a gentle path until we reach our second campsite near Choquequiraw. After a challenging day we will enjoy hot drinks and an organic buffet dinner.
Today is a very important day! After two days of hard hiking we will visit the famous Inca citadel of Choquequiraw. We will wake you up with a cup of hot coca tea and you will have half an hour to organize your personal belongings and have breakfast. Once we have enjoyed our healthy and energetic breakfast we will start hiking all the way up to Choquequiraw. Once arrived our tour guide will give us interesting information about the archaeological site and shown us important places such as the major plaza, the water fountains, the llama sector, piquiwasi and the casa sacerdotal. After you will have some time to explore this impressive Inca citadel on your own. We will then return to our camping site and enjoy our organic buffet lunch. Then we continue hiking for 2 more hours until we reach the village of Maranpata, where we will stay and spend the night.
We will wake you up at around 5:30am and enjoy a healthy energetic breakfast. Then we start hiking downhill for 3 hours until we reach La Playa Rosalina. Along the way we can enjoy the Apurímac canyon and the flora and fauna of this region. Especially the beautiful orchids and a waterfall along the way makes this part of the hike special. Once arrived to La Playa Rosalina we will take a break and have a snack in order to charge our batteries for the second part of today’s hike. After the break we will continue going up for 1:30 hours until we get to Chiquisca, where we will have another organic buffet lunch. After 2 more hours of hiking we reach Coca masana, where we stay our forth night.
We wake you up at around 6:00am with a cup of coca tea and then have a healthy energetic breakfast. After we will start climbing up for 3 hours until we get to Capuliyoc, where you will enjoy the last organic buffet lunch. This point will be the last moment to see our master chef, porters and horsemen. We will say goodbye, and then catch our van to return to Cusco together with our guide. We will arrive in Cusco around 5:00pm, where our driver drops you off at your hotel. That will be the end of our amazing and exciting trip.


  1. 4 organic buffet lunch / 3healthy breakfast / 4 buffet dinners.
  2. 4 snacks / water every single day.
  3. Starting Altitude - 2900m / 9515ft.
  4. Total, Highest Altitude - 3050m / 10,005ft.
  5. Walking Distance - 64 km / 39.76 miles.
  6. Longest Day - Day 1, approximately 25 km/15.5 miles.
  7. Overall Difficulty Difficult

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