$650 USD/ $730 USD

standard service price

$650 per person.

Groups of 3-4 $615 per person..

Groups of 5-6 or more $580 per person.

private service price

$730 per person.

Groups of 3-4 $680 per person.

Groups of 5-6 or more $640 per person.



This tour will take you directly to my village (Huayllabamba), located into the inca trail network, over 3150m/ 10100ft. This journey is totally new option, we decide offer this tour because is our obligation to show our custom and tradition as local company.

where I will demonstrate my life of origin, in this tour the client will walk one day the classic inca trail and then explore around Huayllabamba community from where you will see the highest point of classic inca trail, just we will see we don't go there. Of course is visible two spectacular mountains, (Veronica mountain 5800m/ 15500ff) and (Wayanay mountain 5200m/15000ft). Don't think too much Machulas Journey is guarantee your lifetime experience just joint us.

AVAILABLE DISCOUNTS (these discounts are not acumulative)
Students: US$ 20.00 (students require a valid International Student Identity Card. Please beware that Youth Travel Cards are not valid)
Teenagers: US$ 20.00 (up to 15 years of age, passport copy required for all bookings)
Children: US$ 20.00 (up to 10 years of age, passport copy required for all bookings)

IMPORTANT: government regulations will not allow reservations to be made unless accompanied by full passport details of the client and full payment of the entrance fee to the Sanctuary. This is to assist in the 500 people a day rule. Therefore to guarantee your place on the Inca trail you must provide a scanned copy of your passport and a non refundable deposit. Your reservation will only be confirmed when we have your entrance ticket in our hands. In case of passport number change this information must be relayed to us or you will lose your booking. Original passport must be carried on trail. All times noted are approximate.


We will pick you up at your hotel at 5:00am from where we will start driving until reach to km82 from where we will start our journey, completely one day we will follow the traditional inca trail all the way to huayllabamba community in total is around 7 hours hike of course enjoying everything.
In 3 hours hiking you will arrive to llaqtapata inca site where your tour guide will explain about Incan history and of site, and then you will continue for 2 hours to hatunchaca community where our master chef will provide you organic buffet lunch. After that we will continue for 1 and half hours toward our private own house, once arrived you can enjoy hot shower which is include in your tour and be ready in order enjoy our first dinner and then sleep.
For today our weak up time will be according what kind of activity we will do because in this community there are a lot of activities for realize. Our guide he will give you some highlight, you and the guide will organize which activity you will do for today, this tour consist help to the locals work or learn any activity that are realize at that moment or maybe hike short distance in order to get beautiful views. Well for today we have many option all of those are really good. After realized any options around our campsite our master Chef will prepare “picnic lunch” “pachamanca” (traditional food from this village) once enjoyed delicious food, rest of time you will have relaxing time until tea time and dinner and then sleep until next day.
Today our weak up time will be at 6:00am after had healthy breakfast we will start our journey toward km82, this section will be gentle way, because we will go back same path we took the first day, in 5 hours we'll be at km82 where at this spot you'll enjoy organic lunch. From this point we'll take a van for 45 minute to ollantaytambo, at same place you'll have your dinner if your train is earlier, your dinner will be in aguas calientes town. From ollantaytambo you will be take train for two hours until reach aguas calientes town, once arrived your guide will take directly to your hotel where you'll stay in a 3 stars hotel.

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