$650 USD/ $750 USD

standard service price

$650 per person.

Groups of 3-4 $630 per person.

Groups of 5-6 or more $600 per person.

private service price

$750 per person.

Groups of 3-4 $730 per person.

Groups of 5-6 or more $700 per person.



In Cusco we have many options to reach the wonder of Machupicchu, that is why we offer new opportunities, we are the innovators of new tours. Many people make the famous Sacred Valley tour, but not the hike. In Chincheros village we have an original Inca trail that connects to Urquillos village, which is already the Sacred Valley of the Incas. this experience totally very different from the normal sacred valley. make it your lifetime experience with us, nothing is impossible, we offer adventures without limits.

Journey Availability At Machulas Journey offer daily departures from January to January, this tour can be done any days of the week and 12 months of year, and you can book any day of the week.
We recommended to book this journey at least one month in advance, that means we can organize your trip better without any problem. !!Adventure without limits!!


At 5 am. In the morning we take a private transportation to Chincheros to enjoy our breakfast make it by our master chef, and then start the weaving classes in one of the organization of traditional textiles where the ladies will show you the process of elaborating it. If you are interested to obtain hand, make textiles this is the recommended point to get it. Then we will explore the archaeological site and the colonial church full of mural paintings, after exploring the terraces we will start to descent the original Inca Trail to Urquillos part of the sacred valley by a cozy valley and enjoy one of the nature and spectacular views that this site of the Andes provide us, also far away we will be able to appreciate snow cap mountains of Pitusiray over (5110meter/16765.09ft), and Sawasiray (5133 meter/16840.55ft) (we get the view just when is not cloudy) symbol of the duality to The Incas, you will notice as well how the temperature and the vegetation change as we descend. before arriving at the village of Urquillos we will have to enjoy our lunch make by our master chef. After that we will arrive at Urquillos where we will make our camping. if we have enough time here we will visit the local house where the locals will teach us about their customs.
Today we start our tour at 8 am, after a good breakfast, we will take our private transport to Urubamba town where we will visit the local market of this town. in this market we'll observe the mixture of crops that are farmed in sacred valley of the Incas the guide will give you the information and show all the products are in this market. once explored we'll continue driving for 25 minutes, to Ollantaytambo town Once arrived we will have to visit the ruins of Ollantaytambo. where our guide will teach us a lot of information and show us the important places as well as temples, cultivation places, food storage and much more, then we will have a delicious organic lunch. After that we will go to the train station from where you'll take the train for 2 hours until reach Aguas Calientes town, you will be taken to your hotel and organize your dinner with your tour guide. After delicious dinner your guide will give you briefing for next day.
Today is the most magical day because you will finally experience Machupicchu. You will wake up early to catch up one of the first buses around 5:00 am, for 25 minute ride up to Machupicchu. You will see sunrise over the ruins. Your guide will take you for an informative two hours afterwards you will have time to explore on your own and climb to Huaynapicchu or Machupicchu mountains if you ordered once you booked your tour (this is a separate entrance ticket), in the afternoon you are returning to Cusco first you will catch the train for two hours back to Ollantaytambo and then continue driving by bus all the way to Cusco and to your hotel.

Journey Overview

  1. 2 organic buffet lunches / 2 organic buffet dinners /2 healthy breakfasts.
  2. 2 snacks / water every day.
  3. Starting Altitude - 3,600m / 11811,02ft..
  4. Highest Altitude – 3,600m / 11811,02ft.
  5. Total, Walking Distance - 10km / 6.2 miles.
  6. Walking Day - Day 1, approximately 10km / 6.2 miles.
  7. Coldest Night - Day 1, approximately -2º Celsius.
  8. Overall Difficulty - Easy - Down.

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