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$50 per person.

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The ancient Incan capital of Cusco was once the heart of the greatest pre-Columbian empire in the new world. Today the city and the area around it is a primary focal point for hiker to South America. Nowhere else on the continent will you find such a close concentration of incredible scenery, graceful colonial buildings, stunning ancient sites, or warm, friendly people eager to share their way of life with you.

Do it walking tour in Cusco town is very popular, and good for acclimatization for your body, if you are going any trekking to Machu Picchu and this option 100% recommendable before your trip. Machulas journey offer this tour in order to show you our tradition, customs, and ancient cultures.


We will pick you up at your hotel at around 9:00 am (tour ends at 1:00 pm), if you decide to do this tour on the afternoon we will start the tour at 2:00pm and the tour ends at 5:00pm. Usually this tour takes 4 hours and it is very interesting because we walk along original Inca streets. Firstly, we head to San Blas district, where we can appreciate colonial and Inca buildings, the famous 12 angled stone, which is called Hatun Rumiyoc and the handicraft market.
Then we walk to the main square, where our tour guide explains and shows you different colonial buildings and Incas ruins such as the Inca palaces, main colonial churches and the historical “Plaza de Armas” (main square). After that the guide takes you to San Francisco square, on the way you will pass the small square of Regosijo.
Once arrived your guide will teach you about and show you native plant such as the polysipes tree and the kantua foxifolia (one of the most representative flowers of Peru). Our last stop is the famous local market of San Pedro. This market is very interesting because you can appreciate a great variety of local products. For sure our guide will be proud to show you around this traditional place. Finally, our tour guide leaves you at your hotel or if you want at any other place near the main square.

Journey Overview

  1. Starting Altitude - 3300m / 10826ft.
  2. Highest Altitude - 3300/ 10826ft.
  3. Overall difficulty - easy.

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